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Wish to suggest a speaker? Please send an email to the representative of your group in the Colloquium Committee. Please be sure to include contact information for the suggested speaker, as well as a short description of the proposed talk.

If you made a suggestion and it was not included in the current program, please be sure to remind the organizers such that it can be included in the following semester.


The Physics & Astronomy Colloquium is organized by Texas A&M University physics and astronomy faculty. Its mission is to bring both students and faculty with diverse interests (astrophysics, condensed matter physics, high energy physics, quantum electronics/optics, nuclear physics) into contact with the newest scientific developments in the natural sciences, predominantly physics but also biology, chemistry, and topics from environmental sciences. Leading experts explain the basic questions in their field of research and communicate the fascination for their work.

Organizing committee

The colloquium committee members are Alexey Belyanin, Ricardo Eusebi, Rainer Fries (chair), and Casey Papovich.

Education Component

We expect the students to visit the colloquium regularly, because it provides an ideal opportunity to learn about current research topics. In this way, students will be in a better position to judge which direction to choose for their degree. Graduate students should be able to follow the basic ideas presented during a colloquium; they should not be frustrated, though, if they lose track in the second half of the lecture.


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