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Incoming Freshmen

All students who have chosen Physics as their major will be admitted to the Department upon admission to Texas A&M.

Once admitted, the following links may be useful:

Math Placement Exam

Am I required to take a Math Placement Exam?

All College of Science students are required to take the Math Placement Exam. If you have AP or dual credit, that may be factored in when building your schedule.

What does my Math Placement Exam score mean?

0 – 21 = MATH 150 (Functions, Trigonometry and Linear Systems)
22 and higher = MATH 171 (Analytic Geometry and Calculus)

What is the difference between MATH 151 and MATH 171?

According to the catalog, MATH 171 is designed to be a more demanding version of MATH 151. MATH 171 is primarily taken by College of Science majors, while MATH 151 is primarily taken by College of Engineering majors.

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