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Advising and Admissions Contacts

Graduate Admissions (for prospective graduate students)
For Graduate Admissions and application questions, please contact:
Academic Advisors (for current students)

Assistance with PHYS/ASTR prerequisite overrides, PHYS/ASTP change of major/minor requests, and other administrative aspects related to PHYS/ASTR course registration.

For Physics Advising, please contact:

Sherree Kessler

Academic Advisor IV


MPHY 156 (office)

Emily Berger

Academic Advisor III


MPHY 154 (office)

Undergraduate Advisor

Undergraduate Advisor (Physics)

Information about course content of undergraduate PHYS courses and undergraduate-level PHYS research opportunities.

Graduate Advisors

Graduate Advisor (Physics & Applied Physics)

Information about course content of graduate PHYS courses and graduate-level PHYS research opportunities.

Graduate Advisor (Astronomy)

Information about course content of graduate ASTR courses and graduate-level ASTR research opportunities.

Louis Strigari

Associate Professor

MIST M418 (office)

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