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Congratulations, Louis Strigari
Louis Strigari

On being elected as a 2021 Presidential Impact Fellow. This award recognizes commitment to the university and advancement of knowledge through transformational learning, discovery, and innovation.

Louis Strigari
Louis Strigari

Associate Professor

Physics Outreach Programs Are A Win-Win For Students, Community
Dept. outreach featured on A&M Today and National News Outlet, Futurity

Physics & Astronomy department outreach provides students with the opportunity to enrich their physics identity and improve on their teaching abilities.

Deep Physics Student helping at the Festival
Casey Papovich Award
Casey Papovich

On being elected as a 2021 APS Fellow. For innovation and leadership in the physics of galaxy formation and evolution, and for critical contributions in methods to understand the stellar content and formation histories of distant galaxies using ultraviolet, optical, and infrared measurements.

Veronica Rodriguez
Casey Papovich


Veronica Rodriguez Award
Veronica Rodriguez

On receiving the 2021 College of Science Outstanding Staff Achievement Award. This award recognizes staff members for their dedication, enthusiasm, accomplishments, and contributions.

Veronica Rodriguez
Veronica Rodriguez

Business Coordinator III

Groundbreaking work by Texas A&M Researchers featured on the cover of Biophotonics
Groundbreaking work by Texas A&M Researchers featured on the cover of Biophotonics

Research by Zhenhuan Yi, Alexei Sokolov and Marlan Scully from the Department of Physics and Astronomy/IQSE with their collaborator, IQSE guest scientist Volker Deckert (Jena, Germany), suggests that viral particles can be found through Raman spectroscopy before the immune system has begun producing antibodies to fight the illness.

Marlan Scully
Marlan Scully

Distinguished Professor

Alexei Sokolov headshot
Alexei Sokolov


Dr. Volker Deckert
Volker Deckert

Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Zhenhuan Yi
Zhenhuan Yi

Research Asst. Professor

Congratulations, Kevin Krisciunas & Robert Webb
Congratulations, Drs. Kevin Krisciunas & Robert Webb

On receiving the emeritus titleship. Kevin Krisciunas has received the Instructional Associate Professor Emeritus title, while Robert Webb receives Professor Emeritus.

Dr. Robert Webb headshot
Kevin Krisciunas

Instructional Associate Professor Emeritus

Dr. Robert Webb headshot
Robert C. Webb

Professor Emeritus

Congratulations, Matthew Lee
Congratulations, Matthew Lee

The Consortium for Monitoring, Technology, and Verification (MTV) leadership, in consultation with the MTV Advisory Board, awarded Lee with an MTV Doctoral Fellowship in Applied Antineutrino Physics on the MINER experiment. Please join us in congratulating his remarkable achievement and exciting adventures ahead!

Matthew Lee headshot
Matthew Lee

Graduate Student

Sherree Kessler Award
Sherree Kessler

On receiving the Core Values Recognition Program medallion for June 2021. This award recognizes faculty and staff members who go above and beyond expectations in their service to the college and its members and represent the Aggie Core Values of Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect, and Selfless Service.

Sherree Kessler headshot
Sherree Kessler '99

Academic Advisor IV

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