Congratulations TAMU SPS Chapter

The TAMU Society of Physics Students chapter has been awarded the designation of 2019-2020 Outstanding Chapter by the National Council of the SPS National Office. This award is a testament to the dedicated work of our students, SPS advisor Dr. Alexey Belyanin and all department faculty in their unwavering leadership and devotion to the SPS mission.

Mitchell Institute
Congratulations to Dr. Welch and Dr. Sokolov

Watch the awards ceremony celebrating their leading success as recipients of the 2020 Distinguished Achievement Awards.

New discoveries with NASA

Guang Yang, Texas A&M Postdoctoral Researcher, is working to further understand the behavior of quasar jets — rapidly growing supermassive black holes — with new insight.

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Guang Yang headshot
Congratulations Dr. Safonov!

On being selected as one of the 2020 Class of Chancellor EDGES Fellows. This honor recognizes scholars with national and international acclaim.

Alexei Safonov
Publication in Nature Communications By Prof. Pokrovsky
This exciting research explores direct evidence of spatial stability of Bose-Einstein condensate of magnons.
Valery L. Pokrovsky headshot
Valery L. Pokrovsky

Distinguished Professor
Texas A&M University

Spatial separation of degenerate components of magnon Bose–Einstein condensate by using a local acceleration potential

Pokrovsky's team proposed this experiment several years ago. However, at that time, their aperture was not sufficient enough to observe all 4 beams: they have seen only 2. Now they have prepared a new device in which it is possible.

Direct evidence of spatial stability of Bose-Einstein condensate of magnons
Congratulations Dr. Fry!

On winning the 2020 Nils Gunnar Jerlov Award. This is the top prize in Oceanography and is awarded in part on Ed’s seminal measurement of optical absorption of water. His paper in this regard is in the top 10 most cited papers in the journal of Applied Optics.

Ed Fry headshot
Nils Gunnar Jerlov Award pin.
Nils Gunnar Jerlov Award pin.
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Congratulations Dr. Bhaskar Dutta

On being elected as an APS Fellow for outstanding contributions towards particle physics phenomenology, in particular dark matter, neutrinos, models and collider physics.

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New Textbook "Quantum Mechanics for Beginners" Published by Professor Zubairy

The book is tailored for freshmen students and teaches the advanced subject at a level that can be comprehended by students without extensive knowledge of general physics. This is a very interesting and innovative approach.

M. Suhail Zubairy
Distinguished Professor
Texas A&M Physics & Astronomy
Texas A&M Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering to Host Virtual Summer School on COVID-19

Since the early 1980s, Texas A&M University physicist and quantum cowboy Marlan O. Scully has hosted an annual summer school on quantum physics at his ranch in Casper, Wyoming. Like so many other traditional events, however, this year’s session set to begin next week has been moved online due to the novel coronavirus pandemic — […]

2020 Distinguished Achievement College-Level Awards in Teaching
from The Association of Former Students

Rupak Mahapatra headshot

Dr. Rupak Mahapatra


Nicholas B. Suntzeff headshot

Dr. Nicholas Suntzeff

Distinguished Professor

These awards will be presented at the fall 2020 College of Science Faculty and Staff meeting. Please join us congratulating our recipients!

Alexey Belyanin headshot
Frequency combs induced by phase turbulence

Prof. Alexey Belyanin and collaborators pioneer a novel kind of optical frequency comb.

Nature 582, 360 (2020)

Guang Yang
on being awarded
The IAU PhD Prize
Guang Yang headshot
Postdoctoral Research Associate
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