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Create a TAMU Personal Website

The server supporting and was disabled from the public on January 15, 2021 due to TAMU IT security restrictions. If you need to migrate files from this server (io or samba), please take advantage of using instructions below.

Create a free TAMU personal website using HTML (and perhaps PHP) at the following website:

Set up a TAMU personal website
  1. Ensure you are connected to Texas A&M’s network on campus or by using a VPN connection.
  2. Log in to Manage OAL Account with your NetID and password.
  3. Click Set up my web page on the left side of the page (if not already selected).
  4. Click Enable. Please allow a couple of minutes for the changes to take place.
  5. Once you see the word “Success,” your account permissions have been set.
  6. You will put all of your files related to your personal website in your OAL account public_html folder. Your public_html folder is located in your U: drive.
  7. Anything you put into the public_html folder becomes viewable from the Internet by going to your web address:
  8. A temporary web page will automatically be created for you when your account permissions are set.

Upload files using a SFTP Client
  1. If not on campus, first establish a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.
    • Click Here for instructions on how to establish this connection.
  2. Download a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) Client.
  3. Use the following SFTP connection options:
    Username: <Your NetID>
    Password: <NetID Password>
    Port: 22
  4. Upload or Drag & Drop files.
    Once a connection is established, you can add files by uploading them from your computer. In this sense, the files from io or samba must first exist on your computer for you to then copy them onto If you’re on a Mac, you can drag files directly from your folders.

Request a Redirect To Fix Broken Links

Once all your files have been migrated to, please contact via email and provide both the old link and the new link in your message with “Redirect” in the subject.

if you require any additional assistance, contact

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