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Report Ethics Violations

The prevention of fraud and abuse and the minimization of waste is the responsibility of every Texas A&M University employee. When Texas A&M University employees have information about dishonest, unethical or criminal activities that might affect a Texas A&M System member, it is their responsibility to report that information. Reportable activities include, but are not limited to, theft, corruption, misuse of System vehicles and/or equipment, and conflicts of interest. See Texas A&M University System Policies 07.01, Ethics Policy, TAMUS Employees (PDF)  and 10.02, Control of Fraud, Waste and Abuse (PDF)  .

See the Texas A&M University Ethics Policy.

To report suspected incidents of fraud, waste, and abuse:

According to Texas A&M University System Policy 10.02, “When suspected fraud, waste or abuse is observed by or made known to an employee, the
employee is responsible for reporting that information.”

  • If you witness or have knowledge of a reportable theft, notify the University Police Department at (979) 845-2345.
  • The Texas A&M System has established the Risk and Misconduct Hotline, a phone and web-based reporting system operated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, that provides a way to anonymously report instances of suspected wrongdoing. If you have factual information suggestive of wrongdoings by any A&M System member, employee, student, or other affiliate, you may submit a report at the website: Risk and Misconduct Hotline  or call toll-free 888-501-3850.

In addition, to report fraud, waste, and/or abuse occurring at other Texas State agencies, colleges, or universities contact the Texas State Auditor’s Office:

All reports may remain anonymous.

Additional information can be found at University Risk and Compliance.

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