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January 28, 20215:00 pm – 6:00 pm (CDT)

Universal Dynamics Far From Thermodynamic Equilibrium


Joaquin Rodriguez-Nieva (Stanford University)


Lewis Ford

Event Details

Quantum matter away from thermodynamic equilibrium can host rich classes of dynamical phenomena that have no equilibrium analogue. Characterizing such phenomena remains one of the most fundamental challenges in theoretical physics. Although the notion of universality has been a central pillar in the characterization of equilibrium phases of matter, its extension to out-of-equilibrium scenarios has been largely elusive. In this talk, I will give examples of emergent universal behaviors arising in the thermalization of spin systems after a quench. I will discuss the existence of various parameters and scaling exponents that characterize dynamics at very different timescales. Besides adding to our fundamental knowledge, our understanding of universal dynamics can also guide us in formulating new numerical tools to simulate quantum matter far from thermodynamic equilibrium.

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