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Roland Allen Headshot
September 3, 20191:15 pm – 2:15 pm (CDT)

The Perfect Dark Matter Scenario


Roland Allen (Texas A&M University)



Mitchell Institute for Fundamental Physics & Astronomy

College Station, Texas 77843

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We propose a dark matter scenario which is ideal in the sense that (1) all of the well-known successes of supersymmetry are preserved, (2) the parameters can satisfy naturalness, (3) the addition of an extended Higgs sector implies a doubly rich plethora of new particles and new physics, (4) the mass of the dominant dark matter WIMP is ≤125 GeV/c2, (5) the gauge couplings of this particle are precisely defined, and (6) naturalness implies that its Higgs-mediated couplings are comparable to those of a neutralino with optimal parameters for direct, indirect, and collider detection. Although direct detection has so far not yielded a verified observation, and both CMS and ATLAS have placed approximately 20% limits on branching ratios for invisible Higgs decays (for collider detection), two recent analyses of antiproton observations by AMS-02 (for indirect detection) have shown evidence for dark matter particles in our predicted range (“100 GeVish”) at the 3 sigma to 5 sigma level, depending on the model.

This seminar is based on conference talks and a series of papers [1-4].
1. Reagan Thornberry, Maxwell Throm, John Killough, Dylan Blend, Michael Erickson, Brian Sun, Brett Bays, Gabe Frohaug, and Roland E. Allen, “A natural multicomponent dark matter scenario with two coexisting stable WIMPs”, submitted.
2. Maxwell Throm, Reagan Thornberry, John Killough, Brian Sun, Gentill Abdulla, and Roland E. Allen. “Two natural scenarios for dark matter particles coexisting with supersymmetry”, Mod. Phys. Lett. A 34, 1930001 (2019), arXiv:1901.02781 [hep-ph].
3. Roland E. Allen, “Saving supersymmetry and dark matter WIMPs -- a new kind of dark matter candidate with well-defined mass and couplings”, Phys. Scr. 94, 014010 (2019 ), arXiv:1811.00670 [hep-ph].
4. Roland E. Allen and Aritra Saha, “Dark matter candidate with well-defined mass and couplings”, Mod. Phys. Lett. A 32, 1730022 (2017), arXiv:1706.00882 [hep-ph].

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