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The Multiple Effects of AGN Feedback in Galaxy Clusters
April 18, 201611:30 am – 12:30 pm (CDT)

The Multiple Effects of AGN Feedback in Galaxy Clusters


Davide Martizzi (University of California, Berkeley)



Mitchell Institute for Fundamental Physics & Astronomy

College Station, Texas 77843

Event Details

Galaxy clusters are the largest virialized structures observed in the Universe. Their formation and evolution is determined both by the cosmology and by internal astrophysical processes such as star formation, stellar feedback, galaxy interactions and feedback from active galactic nuclei (AGN). It is extremely complex to follow the interaction of all these processes via analytical models, so the formation of galaxy clusters is often studied via simulations. In this talk, I will present the insight provided by cosmological hydrodynamical simulations of galaxy clusters performed with the adaptive mesh refinement code RAMSES. I will highlight the interplay of gas cooling and heating from feedback processes and their effect on cluster physics, with emphasis on AGN feedback. In the final part of the talk I will also discuss how such simulations can be used to provide insight on baryonic effects relevant for the accurate estimate of cosmological parameters.

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