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March 22, 20214:15 pm – 5:15 pm (CDT)

There and Back Again: From Isomers to Isospin


Daniel Hoff (University of Massachussetts at Lowell)


Dan Melconian

Event Details

The nuclear landscape provides a wide expanse of nuclear systems to study, from light to heavy nuclei across the valley of stability. Each region of the nuclear landscape provides a diverse set of nuclear phenomena to explore, and I will share some of my research from light to heavy systems. Starting in lighter nuclei, I will discuss a reaction mechanism for generating spin alignment in inelastic reactions that may enable magnetic-moment, or g-factor, measurements of excited states in nuclei. Going to medium-mass proton-rich nuclei, I will show results on the observation of isospin symmetry breaking in the mirror pair 73Sr/73Br. From this data the proton separation energy of 73Rb was also extracted, which is relevant to the astrophysical rapid-proton capture process. Ending in heavier neutron-rich systems, I will show preliminary results from an experiment searching for isomers, long-lived excited states, in neutron-rich Hf nuclei.

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