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November 30, 20204:00 pm – 5:00 pm (CDT)

Neutrino Oscillations as Constraints on Effective Field Theory


Zahra Tabrizi (Virginia Tech)


Doojin Kim

Event Details

I will talk about how to systematically study physics beyond the standard model (BSM) in the neutrino oscillation experiments within the standard model Effective Field Theory (SMEFT) framework. In this way, the analysis of the data can capture large classes of models, where the new degrees of freedom have masses well above the relevant energy for the experiment. Moreover, it allows to compare several experiments in a unified framework and in a systematic way. The approach will be applied to several short- and long baseline neutrino experiments. I will show the results of these EFT searches at the Daya Bay and RENO experiments as well as FASERnu.

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