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OSA Seminar
January 26, 201712:30 pm – 1:30 pm (CDT)

OSA Seminar


Hui Dong



Mitchell Physics Building

College Station, Texas 77843-4242

Event Details

Optics News

Spectral Hole Burning and Its Application in Microwave Photonics
Speaker: Han Cai
- Putz, S., Angerer, A., Krimer, D.O., Glattauer, R., Munro, W.J., Rotter, S., Schmiedmayer, J. and Majer, J.. Nature Photonics, 2017 11(1), pp.36-39.

Main Talk

Photon-Blockade As Protection in Photosynthesis Antenna With Cyclic Structures
Speaker: Hui Dong

The discovery of long-lived coherence in light-harvesting systems has attracted a lot of attention from many other fields beside biology. In this talk, the main machinery in green plants, as well as in photosynthetic bacteria will be briefly introduced along with recent experimental progresses via methods originated from quantum optics. Based on the anti-bunching effect observed in these experiments, I will show how the mechanism of photo-blockade may be important in light-harvesting systems as a protection from damage by excess sunlight.

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