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December 1, 202211:30 am (CDT)

AMO/IQSE seminar: Correlated Worldline Theory of Quantum Gravity: Optomechanical Explorations


Philip Stamp (University of British Columbia)



Mitchell Physics Building

College Station, Texas 77843-4242

Event Details

The Correlated Worldline (CWL) theory of quantum gravity is a low-energy theory (ie., for energies well below the Planck energy) in which quantum mechanics breaks down for sufficiently massive objects because of gravitational correlations between paths in a path integral. It has been shown to be a consistent theory, and so the next step is to test it in experiments. In this talk I explain the basic structure and physical assumptions involved in CWL and then discuss the experimental implications for several optomechanical systems, focusing on a suggested pulsed optomechanics experiment, and on “2-path” experiments.

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