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Hyunchul Nha Headshot
TAMU Qatar
Faculty: Professor

Hyunchul Nha


Dr. Hyunchul Nha obtained his PhD degree from the Department of Physics, Seoul National University, Korea, in 2002. Since then, he was affiliated with many institutions including University of Auckland, New Zealand, and University of Queensland, Australia, as a postdoctoral researcher, and Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Korea, as an assistant professor. He joined the Science program in Texas A & M University at Qatar in 2007 as an assistant professor and was then promoted to an associate professor in 2011 and to a professor in 2015.

Dr. Nha's research areas mainly cover the theoretical sides of quantum information science and quantum optics. He is interested in characterizing nonclassicality of quantum systems in a broad context, e.g. quantum entanglement that is a key ingredient in quantum information processing. In particular, he endeavors to establish general frameworks to address continuous variables (CVs). A wide range of quantum systems, including field amplitudes of light, collective spins of atomic ensembles, motional modes of trapped ions, Bose–Einstein condensate and mechanical oscillators, can be used for quantum information processing based on CVs. His research not only investigates the foundational issues of quantum physics but also examines quantum systems in realistic terms for experimental tests and applications. His recent interest further extends to quantum thermodynamics in which one intends to identify the role played by quantum principles in the emergent thermodynamic behaviors and laws of small-scale systems.

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