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Faculty: Associate Dean, Professor

Lucas Macri

(he / him / his)


MIST M423 (main office)

BLOC 520A (aux. location)


Lucas Macri works on the Extragalactic Distance Scale, studies of electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational-wave sources, and large-scale galaxy flows. The main focus of his research is on Mira and Cepheid variables, which he studies using the Hubble Space Telescope and many ground-based observatories. One of the goals of his research is to measure a more precise value of the Hubble constant, to better constrain the equation of state of dark energy and test the current cosmological model.

Latest Publications

Tarini Konchady, Ryan J. Oelkers, David O. Jones, Wenlong Yuan, Lucas M. Macri, Erik R. Peterson, and Adam G. Riess. “H-band Light Curves of Milky Way Cepheids via Difference Imaging.” The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, 258(2), 24, Jan 2022.

Martino Romaniello, Adam Riess, Sara Mancino, Richard I. Anderson, Wolfram Freudling, Rolf-Peter Kudritzki, Lucas Macrì, Alessio Mucciarelli, and Wenlong Yuan. “The iron and oxygen content of LMC Classical Cepheids and its implications for the extragalactic distance scale and Hubble constant.” Astronomy & Astrophysics, 658, A29, Jan 2022.

Siyang Li, Adam G. Riess, Michael P. Busch, Stefano Casertano, Lucas M. Macri, and Wenlong Yuan. “A Sub-2% Distance to M31 from Photometrically Homogeneous Near-infrared Cepheid Period--Luminosity Relations Measured with the Hubble Space Telescope.” The Astrophysical Journal, 920(2), 84, Oct 2021.

W. Yuan, L. M. Macri, B. M. Peterson, A. G. Riess, M. M. Fausnaugh, S. L. Hoffmann, G. S. Anand, M. C. Bentz, E. Dalla Bontà, R. I. Davies, G. De Rosa, L. Ferrarese, C. J. Grier, E. K. S. Hicks, C. A. Onken, R. W. Pogge, T. Storchi-Bergmann, and M. Vestergaard. “The Cepheid Distance to the Narrow-line Seyfert 1 Galaxy NGC 4051.” The Astrophysical Journal, 913(1), 3, May 2021.

K. M. Stringer, et al. “Identifying RR Lyrae Variable Stars in Six Years of the Dark Energy Survey.” The Astrophysical Journal, 911(2), 109, Apr 2021.

Awards & Recognition

  • Distinguished Achievement in Teaching - College Level (2014)
  • Mitchell-Heep-Munnerlyn Endowed Career Enhancement Professorship in Physics or Astronomy (2010)

News Highlights

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