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Girish Agarwal

Professor of Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Joint Appointment in Physics and Astronomy

Girish Agarwal


Professor Agarwal received a B.S from Gorakphur University in 1964, a M.S. from Banaras Hindu University in 1966, and a Ph.D. from the University of Rochester in 1969.

Research Area

Biophotonics; Plasmonics and Nano photonics; Quantum Optics; Optomechanics

Recent Publications

  • Anisotropy-Induced Quantum Interference and Population Trapping Between Orthogonal Quantum Dot Exciton States in Semiconductor Cavity Systems
  • Superresolution via Structured Illumination Quantum Correlation Microscopy (SIQCM)
  • Hidden PT Symmetry and quantization of coupled-oscillators model of QASER
  • Quantum entanglement across epsilon near zero media
  • Quadrupole-quadrupole interactions to control plasmon-induced transparency