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Jonelle Walsh Headshot
August 25, 20224:00 pm – 5:00 pm (CDT)

The Supermassive Black Hole – Galaxy Connection


Jonelle Walsh (Texas A&M University)


Casey Papovich



Mitchell Institute for Fundamental Physics & Astronomy

College Station, Texas 77843

Event Details

Over the past 20 years it has become increasingly clear that supermassive black holes are essential components of galaxies, as demonstrated by the correlations connecting black hole masses and large-scale galaxy properties. Although about ~100 dynamical black hole mass measurements have been made to date, the local black hole mass census is highly incomplete. Gaining a more complete picture of black hole demographics and a deeper understanding of the mechanisms that drive black hole - galaxy co-evolution requires the measurement of black holes in a wider range of galaxies with diverse evolutionary histories. I will discuss several recent and on-going programs aimed at taking this necessary step, as well as the observational and modeling advances that have made the work possible.

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