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February 7, 202211:30 am – 12:30 pm (CDT)

The Universe from the Edge of the Dark Matter Halo


Susmita Adhikari (University of Chicago)


Stephanie Ho

Event Details

Understanding the formation and evolution of non-linear structure in the universe can shed light on some of the most fundamental questions in Cosmology.  The splashback radius has emerged as probe of physics in the interface of galaxy formation and Cosmology. It forms the edge of the orbiting region of a halo and is sensitive to its evolution history and also the underlying cosmological model. In this talk I will focus on how it can be used to understand halo and galaxy co-evolution, the nature of gravity and dark matter. I will discuss what we have learnt from recent observations of galaxy clusters about the distribution of galaxies and dark matter and how this new probe can be used in ways to extract more information about the history of galaxy evolution in clusters.

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