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Joint IQSE and OSA Seminar
November 16, 201812:00 pm – 1:00 pm (CDT)

Joint IQSE and OSA Seminar


Dr. Don Page (University of Alberta)


Sean O'Connor



Mitchell Physics Building

College Station, Texas 77843-4242

Event Details

Anthropic Estimates for Many Parameters of Physics and Astronomy

Old anthropic arguments gave two approximate power-law relations between the elementary charge, the mass of the proton, and the mass of the electron in Planck units. A more recent renormalization group argument of mine gave an approximate logarithmic relation and a simple equation for an anthropic estimate of the elementary charge, so that one gets definite anthropically estimated values for all three parameters. From these three values, one can further get anthropic estimates for the masses, sizes, times, velocities, etc. for many other structures in physics and astronomy, from atoms to giraffes to planets to stars to the universe, as simple powers of the anthropic estimate for the elementary charge.

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