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November 15, 202211:30 am (CDT)

AMO/IQSE seminar: Towards single photon level imaging at a distance


Tao Peng (IQSE, Texas A&M University)



Texas A&M University, Department of Physics and Astronomy, MPHY 578 / IQSE Seminar Room

College Station

About The Speaker

Dr. Tao Peng received his BS and MS degrees in physics from Hunan University, China, and his PhD in physics from the University of Maryland. Following his time as a research assistant at the University of Maryland and a postdoctoral fellow at the IQSE, Texas A&M University, Dr. Tao Peng now holds a post of a research assistant professor at the IQSE, Texas A&M University. His research is focused in quantum optics, laser physics, ghost imaging, quantum eraser, quantum light sensing and spectroscopy. Research by Prof. Tao Peng is published in top-ranking peer-reviewed journals, including Physical Review Letters, Light: Science and Applications, Optics Letters, Scientific Reports, Applied Physics Letters, and others.

Event Details

Active optical imaging over long distances has numerous applications. This includes remote sensing, satellite-based topography, and airborne surveillance. The single-photon detection technique has been well-established in applications such as light detection and ranging (LiDAR). However, single-photon LiDAR systems are limited by their weak echo signals and high background noise. Here we present a single-pixel imaging method using the transformer model in deep learning. We show that this method can address these restrictions by realizing 2D imaging with a single-pixel detector without correlation measurement. Together with other techniques, efforts will be made to enable a single-photon LiDAR system to image from a distance with a large FOV and high resolution, as well as a high signal-to-noise ratio, at video rate.

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