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Linearized Supergeometry of 11D,N =1⁄8 Superspace

Speaker: Anindya Sengupta (Texas A&M University)

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In 1978, Cremmer, Julia, and Scherk wrote down a (component) theory of eleven-dimensional Supergravity. Soon, in 1980, Brink and Howe gave a superspace formulation of this theory. The component theory required that dynamical fields to be on-shell for the closure of 11D,N=1 Supersymmetry. The same on-shell requirement followed from the Bianchi identities in the superspace formulation. Recently, Becker et al. (arXiv:1709.07024) gave a formulation of linearized 11D Supergravity in 4D,N=1 superspace using symmetry considerations, in which 4 of the 32 Supersymmetries are off-shell. In this talk, we will review this approach from the supergeometry perspective. We will see how the various torsion constraints emerging from the construction in arXiv:1709.07024 are necessarily required by the Bianchi identities (along with some conventional constraints) in 11D,N=1⁄8 superspace. This talk is based on a work in progress with K. Becker, D. Butter, A. Bolshov, and N. Brady.
Sep 20, 2021
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm (CDT)
Building / Address
Mitchell Institute for Fundamental Physics & Astronomy, College Station, Texas, 77843
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Falk Hassler