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Teruki Kamon

Faculty: Professor



MIST M419 (main office)

ENPH 114T (aux. location)


Teruki Kamon is a member of the CDF and CMS collaborations. His primary thrust is to test particle physics models that provide candidate for cold dark matter. Supersymmetry (SUSY) is one of the leading candidates. He has pioneered the SUSY searches in its final states involving electrons, muons, and the third generation particles (e.g., tau lepton) at hadron colliders.

Latest Publications

Bhaskar Dutta, Teruki Kamon, P. Ko, and Jinmian Li. “Prospects for discovery and spin discrimination of dark matter in Higgs portal DM models and their extensions at 100 TeV pp collider.” The European Physical Journal C, 78(7), Jul 2018.

D. Abbaneo, et al. (CMS GEM group). “Operational Experience With the GEM Detector Assembly Lines for the CMS Forward Muon Upgrade.” IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 65(11), 2808--2816, Nov 2018.

Mohammad Abdullah, Mykhailo Dalchenko, Bhaskar Dutta, Ricardo Eusebi, Peisi Huang, Teruki Kamon, Denis Rathjens, and Adrian Thompson. “Bottom-quark fusion processes at the LHC for probing Z models and B-meson decay anomalies.” Phys. Rev. D, 97(7), 075035, Apr 2018. [Note] A unique phenomenology paper (21 citations; published in April 2018) to propose how to experimentally test models for anomalies in B meson decays, followed by forming an experimental team in CMS to analyze the Run2 data.

V. Khachatryan, et al. “Search for heavy resonances decaying to tau lepton pairs in proton-proton collisions at s = 13 sqrts=13 TeV.” Journal of High Energy Physics, 2017(2), Feb 2017.

W. Ahmed, et al. “The Triple GEM Detector Control System for CMS forward muon spectrometer upgrade.” Journal of Instrumentation, 12(02), P02003--P02003, Feb 2017.