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Winfried Teizer headshot
TAMU College Station
Faculty: Professor

Winfried Teizer

MPHY 453 (main office)

MPHY B05 (aux. location)


Dr. Winfried Teizer leads the NanoLab in the Physics Department of Texas A&M University, which is working on various projects in the general areas of biomolecular motility, molecular nanomagnets, spintronics, nanophysics and highly correlated systems. The goal is to further the understanding of physical properties at the size or temperature scale where quantum mechanics governs the dominant processes.

Latest Publications

Jaehyoung Son, Jun Kyun Oh, Dae Hyun Cho, Mustafa Akbulut, and Winfried Teizer. “Bacterial inactivation characteristics of magnesium--calcium--zinc alloys for bone implants.” MRS Communications, 10(4), 609--612, Oct 2020.

Wonbae Bang, Tyler D. Morrison, K.D.D. Rathnayaka, Igor F. Lyuksyutov, Donald G. Naugle, and Winfried Teizer. “Characterization of superconducting Sn thin films and their application to ferromagnet-superconductor hybrids.” Thin Solid Films, 676, 138--143, Apr 2019.

Wonbae Bang, Sung Oh Woo, T. D. Morrison, W. Teizer, K. D. D. Rathnayaka, I. F. Lyuksyutov, and D. G. Naugle. “Superconductivity and hall effect of polycrystalline Pb82Bi18 thin films, a universal test platform for flux pinning by hybrid nanostructures.” International Journal of Modern Physics B, 33(25), 1950288, Oct 2019.

Kyongwan Kim, Selvaraj Subramaniyam, Ahmad Galaleldeen, Hikaru Nakazawa, Mitsuo Umetsu, Winfried Teizer, and Sanjib Bhattacharyya. “Nanoparticle Assisted Remodeling of Proteotoxic SOD1 Mutants Alters the Biointerface of the Functional Interaction of Microtubules and Kinesin Motors.” ACS Applied Bio Materials, 2(10), 4121--4128, Oct 2019.

Esma Eryilmaz, Winfried Teizer, and Wonmuk Hwang. “Macromolecular and nanoscale investigation of intermolecular interactions driving the self-assembly of collagen.” Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express, 5(4), 045005, May 2019.

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