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Shenglong Xu

Faculty: Research Assistant Professor


Shenglong Xu's research interests focus on theoretical condensed matter physics and quantum physics. He studies quantum phenomena of many-body systems (solid-state systems, ultra-cold atoms, quantum circuits, etc.) in and out of equilibrium, topics including quantum phase transitions and entanglement, quantum information scrambling, quantum thermalization, many-body localization, quantum scars. His research employs a combination of analytical methods and various numerical tools, such as quantum Monte Carlo, tensor network, and machine-learning. He is also interested in developing new tools to simulate quantum many-body systems.

Selected Publications

Tianci Zhou, Shenglong Xu, Xiao Chen, Andrew Guo, and Brian Swingle. “Operator Lévy Flight: Light Cones in Chaotic Long-Range Interacting Systems.” Phys. Rev. Lett., 124(18), 180601, May 2020.

Josiah Couch, Stefan Eccles, Phuc Nguyen, Brian Swingle, and Shenglong Xu. “Speed of quantum information spreading in chaotic systems.” Phys. Rev. B, 102(4), 045114, Jul 2020.

Shenglong Xu, Leonard Susskind, Yuan Su, and Brian Swingle. “A Sparse Model of Quantum Holography.” ArXiv, 2008.02303, 2020.

Shenglong Xu and Brian Swingle. “Locality, Quantum Fluctuations, and Scrambling.” Phys. Rev. X, 9(3), 031048, Sep 2019.

Subhayan Sahu, Shenglong Xu, and Brian Swingle. “Scrambling Dynamics across a Thermalization-Localization Quantum Phase Transition.” Phys. Rev. Lett., 123(16), 165902, Oct 2019.

Shenglong Xu and Brian Swingle. “Accessing scrambling using matrix product operators.” Nature Physics, 16(2), 199--204, Nov 2019.

Shenglong Xu, Julio T. Barreiro, Yu Wang, and Congjun Wu. “Interaction Effects with Varying N in SU(N) Symmetric Fermion Lattice Systems.” Phys. Rev. Lett., 121(16), 167205, Oct 2018.

Zhe Wang, Jianda Wu, Wang Yang, Anup Kumar Bera, Dmytro Kamenskyi, A. T. M. Nazmul Islam, Shenglong Xu, Joseph Matthew Law, Bella Lake, Congjun Wu, and Alois Loidl. “Experimental observation of Bethe strings.” Nature, 554(7691), 219--223, Feb 2018.

Shenglong Xu and Congjun Wu. “Space-Time Crystal and Space-Time Group.” Phys. Rev. Lett., 120(9), 096401, Feb 2018.

Shenglong Xu, Yi Li, and Congjun Wu. “Sign-Problem-Free Quantum Monte Carlo Study on Thermodynamic Properties and Magnetic Phase Transitions in Orbital-Active Itinerant Ferromagnets.” Phys. Rev. X, 5(2), 021032, Jun 2015.

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