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Roland Allen

Faculty: Professor

Latest Publications

M. Ross Tagaras, Jian Weng, and Roland E. Allen. “Time-dependent Ginzburg--Landau model for light-induced superconductivity in the cuprate LESCO.” The European Physical Journal Special Topics, 227(15-16), 2297--2301, Jan 2019.

Roland E. Allen. “Black hole entropy, the black hole information paradox, and time travel paradoxes from a new perspective.” Journal of Modern Optics, 67(1), 35--40, Feb 2019.

Maxwell Throm, Reagan Thornberry, John Killough, Brian Sun, Gentill Abdulla, and Roland E. Allen. “Two natural scenarios for dark matter particles coexisting with supersymmetry.” Modern Physics Letters A, 34(02), 1930001, Jan 2019.

Roland E Allen. “An alternative to string theory.” Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1275, 012022, Sep 2019.

Suzy Lidström and Roland E Allen. “Consciousness as the collective excitation of a brainwide web -- understanding consciousness from below quantum fields to above neuronal networks.” Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1275, 012021, Sep 2019.

Awards & Recognition

  • Honors Program Teacher/Scholar Award (2005)
  • University Teaching Award (2004)
  • College Teaching Award (2003)

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