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Ralf Rapp

Faculty: Professor



CYCL 329 (main office)

MPHY 313 (aux. location)


Prof. Ralf Rapp received his PhD in 1996 from the University of Bonn (Germany); he did a postdoc at SUNY Stony Brook (1996-1999), held research assistant professor positions in Stony Brook (2001-2002) and at NORDITA (Copenhagen, 2002-2003), joined Texas A&M as assistant professor (2003), and subsequently became associate (2006) and full professor (2010). Prof. Rapp and his group conduct theoretical studies of spectral and transport properties of hadrons in hadronic matter and quarks in the Quark-Gluon Plasma (QGP), their relations to QCD phase transitions and observable signatures in heavy-ion collisions. They are also interested in color-superconducting cold dense quark matter and associated signatures in observables from compact ("neutron") stars, including mechanisms for gamma ray bursters.

Latest Publications

Mariola Klusek-Gawenda, Ralf Rapp, Wolfgang Schäfer, and Antoni Szczurek. “Dilepton radiation in heavy-ion collisions at small transverse momentum.” Physics Letters B, 790, 339--344, Mar 2019.

Shuai Y. F. Liu and Ralf Rapp. “T-matrix approach to quark-gluon plasma.” Phys. Rev. C, 97(3), 034918, Mar 2018.

R. Rapp, et al. “Extraction of heavy-flavor transport coefficients in QCD matter.” Nuclear Physics A, 979, 21--86, Nov 2018.

Tetyana Galatyuk, Hendrik van Hees, Ralf Rapp, and Jochen Wambach. “Extrem und Strahlend.” Physik Journal, 17(10), 41--46, Oct 2018.

R. Rapp and X. Du. “Theoretical Perspective on Quarkonia from SPS via RHIC to LHC.” Nuclear Physics A, 967, 216--224, Nov 2017.

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