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Louis Strigari

Faculty: Associate Professor


MIST M418 (main office)


Prof. Strigari's research is in the fields of astroparticle physics and cosmology, with a focus on neutrinos and dark matter. Strigari is interested in searches for new physics via neutrino interactions, and searches for dark matter via direct and indirect methods. Since joining Texas A&M, Strigari has been a member of the Dark Energy Survey, focusing on interpreting data from the Local Group and Milky Way satellite galaxies. He uses cosmological simulations to study the theoretical properties of dark matter and faint satellite galaxies. Strigari is also interested in high energy gamma-ray astrophysics, in particular using Fermi-LAT data to identify and model new gamma-ray sources.

Latest Publications

Alakabha Datta, Bhaskar Dutta, Shu Liao, Danny Marfatia, and Louis E. Strigari. “Neutrino scattering and B anomalies from hidden sector portals.” Journal of High Energy Physics, 2019(1), Jan 2019.

Kimberly K. Boddy, Jason Kumar, and Louis E. Strigari. “Effective J -factor of the Galactic Center for velocity-dependent dark matter annihilation.” Phys. Rev. D, 98(6), 063012, Sep 2018.

Steven J. Clark, Bhaskar Dutta, Yu Gao, Yin-Zhe Ma, and Louis E. Strigari. “21 cm limits on decaying dark matter and primordial black holes.” Phys. Rev. D, 98(4), 043006, Aug 2018.

Louis E Strigari. “Dark matter in dwarf spheroidal galaxies and indirect detection: a review.” Reports on Progress in Physics, 81(5), 056901, Mar 2018.

Mohammad Abdullah, James B. Dent, Bhaskar Dutta, Gordon L. Kane, Shu Liao, and Louis E. Strigari. “Coherent elastic neutrino nucleus scattering as a probe of a Z through kinetic and mass mixing effects.” Phys. Rev. D, 98(1), 015005, Jul 2018.

Awards & Recognition