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Joaquin Rodriguez Nieva

Faculty: Assistant Professor

MPHY 412 (main office)

Selected Publications

Mariia Shutova, Anton D. Shutov, and Alexei V. Sokolov. “Spectroscopic sensing enhanced by quantum molecular coherence and by plasmonic nanoantennas.” In Advanced Quantum and Optoelectronic Applications, volume 11296, page 4. SPIE, Feb 2020.

Szeto K., Simons D., Marshall J. L., and Laychak M. B. “Planning of the Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer preliminary design phase in an evolving astronomy landscape.” In SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation, 2020.

Jennifer L. Marshall, Andreea O. Petric, and Nicolas Flagey. “A design reference survey for the Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer.” In SPIE Telescopes and Instrumentation, 2020.

C. Drischler, J. W. Holt, and C. Wellenhofer. “Chiral Effective Field Theory and the High-Density Nuclear Equation of State.” Ann. Rev. Nucl. Part. Sci., TBD, 2020.

A.M. Sirunyan et al. (CMS Collaboration). “Search for supersymmetry with a compressed mass spectrum in events with a soft τ lepton, a highly energetic jet, and large missing transverse momentum in proton-proton collisions at sqrt(s) = 13 TeV.” Phys. Rev. Lett., TBD, Oct 2019. submitted to PRL in October 2019; accepted in January 2020.

Kevin Krisciunas and Belen Bistue. “Notes on the transmission of Ptolemy's Almagest and some geometrical mechanism to the era of Copernicus.” Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage, 22, 492--502, Dec 2019.

Jennifer Marshall, et al. “The Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer.” In Astro2020: Decadal Survey on Astronomy and Astrophysics, APC white papers, no. 126; Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society, Vol. 51, Issue 7, id. 126 (2019), 2019.