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Ed Fry

Faculty: Distinguished Professor, Associate Department Head


MPHY 576B (main office)


Dr. Fry's research interests lie in atomic physics and light scattering: foundations of quantum mechanics and quantum optics, laser excitation and ionization of atoms, surface scattering of hydrogen atoms, multichannel scattered light polarization analysis.

Latest Publications

Edward S. Fry. “History leading to Bell's inequality and experiments.” In Sabine Wölk E.M. Rasel, W.P. Schleich, editor, Foundations of quantum theory. SOCIETÃ ITALIANA DI FISICA, 2019.

Edward S. Fry and John Mason. “Integrating Cavities and Ring-Down Spectroscopy.” In Klaus Sattler, editor, 21st Century Nanoscience - A Handbook: Advanced Analytic Methods and Instrumentation (Volume 3). CRC Press, 2019.

Eleonora Figueroa Broiles, Michael Cone, Cristina Orrico, Michel Dewey, Alex Derr, Michel Twardowski, and Edward S. Fry. “Integrating cavity device for measuring the optical backscattering coefficient in a fluid.” Applied Optics, 57(24), 6943, Aug 2018.

Thomas Z. Moore, Vladislav V. Yakovlev, John D. Mason, Vincent Tedford, Edward S. Fry, Kristin A. Favela, and Dawson T. Nodurft. “Chemical, biological, and trace gas detection and measurement with a newly developed integrating Cavity Enhanced Raman (iCERS) technique.” In Mark A. Druy, Richard A. Crocombe, Steven M. Barnett, Luisa T. Profeta, and Abul K. Azad, editors, Next-Generation Spectroscopic Technologies XI. SPIE, May 2018.

Edward S. Fry. “Inherent Optical Property Measurements and Protocols: Absorption Coefficient. Chapter 3: Integrating Cavity Absorption Meters”, 2018.