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Donald Naugle

Faculty: Professor


MPHY 408 (main office)


Dr. Naugle's research interests include the use of sophisticated experimental techniques to study high Tc and conventional superconductors and their interplay with magnetic nanostructures as well as highly disordered metals; development of new materials for future technology.Professor Naugle has been a member of the Texas A&M faculty since 1969. He received his B.A. degree from Rice University and his Ph.D. at Texas A&M. He was a NATO postdoctoral fellow at Goettingen and a research associate at the University of Maryland. Dr. Naugle and faculty members from chemistry, chemical engineering and mechanical engineering departments have established an interdisciplinary materials research program which has now morphed into the Department of Material Science and Engineering. Though his primary appointment is in Physics and Astronomy, his research program offers students the opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary research using the advanced characterization techniques and preparation facilities.

Latest Publications

Kyungjun Lee, Wei Dai, Donald Naugle, and Hong Liang. “Effects of Microstructure of Quasicrystal Alloys on Their Mechanical and Tribological Performance.” Journal of Tribology, 140(5), 051605, Apr 2018.

S. Woo, S. Hemmatiyan, T. D. Morrison, K. D. D. Rathnayaka, I. F. Lyuksyutov, and D. G. Naugle. “Temperature-dependent transport properties of graphene decorated by alkali metal adatoms (Li, K).” Applied Physics Letters, 111(26), 263502, Dec 2017.

Wonbae Bang, Winfried Teizer, Donald G. Naugle, and Igor F. Lyuksyutov. “Electroplated high-aspect-ratio ferromagnetic nanopillars and their application to Ferromagnet-Superconductor Hybrids.” Microelectronic Engineering, 181, 55--59, Sep 2017.