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Dan Melconian Headshot
TAMU College Station
Faculty: Professor

Dan Melconian


MIST M320 (main office)

CYCL 331 (aux. location)


Professor Melconian is interested in probing the fundamental symmetries of nature using the nucleus of the atom. Precision low-energy nuclear physics experiments are able to complement the searches going on at colliders and provide meaningful constraints on "new physics" –– physics not included in the Standard Model of particle physics.

Selected Publications

M. A.-P. Brown, et al. (UCNA Collaboration). “New result for the neutron \(\beta\)-asymmetry parameter \(A_0\) from UCNA.” Phys. Rev. C, 97(3), 035505, Mar 2018.

P. D. Shidling, R. S. Behling, B. Fenker, J. C. Hardy, V. E. Iacob, M. Mehlman, H. I. Park, B. T. Roeder, and D. Melconian. “High-precision half-life measurement of the \(\beta^+\) decay of \(^{21}\mathrm{Na}\).” Phys. Rev. C, 98(1), 015502, Jul 2018.

B. Fenker, A. Gorelov, D. Melconian, J. A. Behr, M. Anholm, D. Ashery, R. S. Behling, I. Cohen, I. Craiciu, G. Gwinner, J. McNeil, M. Mehlman, K. Olchanski, P. D. Shidling, S. Smale, and C. L. Warner. “Precision Measurement of the \(\beta\) Asymmetry in Spin-Polarized K37 Decay.” Phys. Rev. Lett., 120(6), 062502, Feb 2018.

B Fenker, J A Behr, D Melconian, R M A Anderson, M Anholm, D Ashery, R S Behling, I Cohen, I Craiciu, J M Donohue, C Farfan, D Friesen, A Gorelov, J McNeil, M Mehlman, H Norton, K Olchanski, S Smale, O Thériault, A N Vantyghem, and C L Warner. “Precision measurement of the nuclear polarization in laser-cooled, optically pumped \(^{37}\mathrm{K}\).” New Journal of Physics, 18(7), 073028, Jul 2016.

Awards & Recognition

  • Distinguished Achievement College-Level Awards in Teaching (2016)
  • Early Career Award (2011)
  • Best Canadian Nuclear Physics PhD Thesis Award (2005)

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