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Darren DePoy Headshot
TAMU College Station
Faculty: Professor

Darren DePoy


MASS 204 (main office)


Darren DePoy heads the Astronomical Instrumentation Lab, which builds instruments for ground-based telescopes. He is the project scientist for the Dark Energy Camera, which was recently installed at the Cerro Tololo 4-m telescope in Chile.

Latest Publications

Karl Gebhardt, et al. “The Hobby--Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment (HETDEX) Survey Design, Reductions, and Detections.” The Astrophysical Journal, 923(2), 217, Dec 2021.

Gary J. Hill, et al. “The HETDEX Instrumentation: Hobby--Eberly Telescope Wide-field Upgrade and VIRUS.” The Astronomical Journal, 162(6), 298, Dec 2021.

Luke M. Schmidt, Lauren N. Aldoroty, Yasin Alam, Leonardo Bush, Darren L. DePoy, Matthew Holden, Doyeon Kim, Jennifer L. Marshall, and Mason Perkey. “Characterization of the reflectivity of various black and white materials.” In Roland Geyl and Ramón Navarro, editors, Advances in Optical and Mechanical Technologies for Telescopes and Instrumentation IV. SPIE, Dec 2020.

Samuel C. Barden, Darren L. Depoy, Nicolas Flagey, Alexis Hill, Jennifer L. Marshall, Andreea O. Petric, Luke M. Schmidt, and Kei Szeto. “Science calibration for highly multiplexed fiber-fed optical spectroscopy: update from Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer.” In Chris R. Benn, Robert L. Seaman, and David S. Adler, editors, Observatory Operations: Strategies, Processes, and Systems VIII. SPIE, Dec 2020.

Mary Anne Limbach, Luke M. Schmidt, Darren L. DePoy, Jeffrey C. Mason, Mike Scobey, Pat Brown, Chelsea Taylor, and Jennifer L. Marshall. “The Exoplanet Transmission Spectroscopy Imager (ETSI).” In Christopher J. Evans, Julia J. Bryant, and Kentaro Motohara, editors, Ground-based and Airborne Instrumentation for Astronomy VIII. SPIE, Dec 2020.

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