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Christopher Pope Headshot
TAMU College Station
Faculty: Distinguished Professor

Christopher Pope


Dr. Pope's research interests include:theoretical high-energy particle physics; unification of the fundamental interactions in nature; general relativity, quantum gravity, supergravity; superstring theories; conformal field theory; extended higher-spin theories; applications of differential geometry and topology in physics.Christopher Pope received his BA degree at the University of Cambridge in 1975, MA in 1979, and his PhD at the University of Cambridge in 1980. He was a Research Fellow at St. John's College, Cambridge from 1979 to 1982. After postdoctoral positions at Imperial College London he moved to USC in 1987, and then to Texas A&M in 1988.

Selected Publications

Hadi Godazgar, Mahdi Godazgar, and C. N. Pope. “Dual gravitational charges and soft theorems.” Journal of High Energy Physics, 2019(10), Oct 2019.

Guillaume Bossard, Axel Kleinschmidt, Jakob Palmkvist, Christopher N. Pope, and Ergin Sezgin. “Beyond E 11.” Journal of High Energy Physics, 2017(5), May 2017.

H. Lü, A. Perkins, C. N. Pope, and K. S. Stelle. “Black Holes in Higher Derivative Gravity.” Phys. Rev. Lett., 114(17), 171601, Apr 2015.

H. Lü and C. N. Pope. “Critical Gravity in Four Dimensions.” Phys. Rev. Lett., 106(18), 181302, May 2011.

M. Cvetic, G. W. Gibbons, D. Kubiznak, and C. N. Pope. “Black hole enthalpy and an entropy inequality for the thermodynamic volume.” Phys. Rev. D, 84(2), 024037, Jul 2011.

Z.-W. Chong, M. Cvetic, H. Lü, and C. N. Pope. “General Nonextremal Rotating Black Holes in Minimal Five-Dimensional Gauged Supergravity.” Phys. Rev. Lett., 95(16), 161301, Oct 2005.

G W Gibbons, M J Perry, and C N Pope. “The first law of thermodynamics for Kerr--anti-de Sitter black holes.” Classical and Quantum Gravity, 22(9), 1503--1526, May 2005.

M. Cvetic, H. Lü, Don N. Page, and C. N. Pope. “New Einstein-Sasaki Spaces in Five and Higher Dimensions.” Phys. Rev. Lett., 95(7), 071101, Aug 2005.

G. W. Gibbons, H. Lü, Don N. Page, and C. N. Pope. “Rotating Black Holes in Higher Dimensions with a Cosmological Constant.” Phys. Rev. Lett., 93(17), 171102, Oct 2004.

S.W. Hawking and C.N. Pope. “Generalized spin structures in quantum gravity.” Physics Letters B, 73(1), 42--44, Jan 1978.

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