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Bhaskar Dutta

Faculty: Professor


MIST M424 (main office)


During past few years, my research has focused on developing new techniques, search strategies and investigating hints for new physics at the LHC; developing models to understand dark matter (DM), neutrinos, flavor violation, grand unification, baryogenesis etc.; investigating the DM content in various cosmological and particle physics scenarios; establishing models of DM at direct and indirect DM detection experiments; exploring high scale theories to investigate the origin of DM, baryon abundances; understanding the impact of inflation in particle physics models.

Latest Publications

Steven J. Clark, Bhaskar Dutta, Yu Gao, Yin-Zhe Ma, and Louis E. Strigari. “21 cm limits on decaying dark matter and primordial black holes.” Phys. Rev. D, 98(4), 043006, Aug 2018.

James B. Dent, Bhaskar Dutta, Shu Liao, Jayden L. Newstead, Louis E. Strigari, and Joel W. Walker. “Accelerator and reactor complementarity in coherent neutrino-nucleus scattering.” Phys. Rev. D, 97(3), 035009, Feb 2018.

Steven J. Clark, Bhaskar Dutta, and Louis E. Strigari. “Dark matter annihilation into four-body final states and implications for the AMS antiproton excess.” Phys. Rev. D, 97(2), 023003, Jan 2018.

Mohammad Abdullah, James B. Dent, Bhaskar Dutta, Gordon L. Kane, Shu Liao, and Louis E. Strigari. “Coherent elastic neutrino nucleus scattering as a probe of a Z through kinetic and mass mixing effects.” Phys. Rev. D, 98(1), 015005, Jul 2018.

Bhaskar Dutta, Teruki Kamon, P. Ko, and Jinmian Li. “Prospects for discovery and spin discrimination of dark matter in Higgs portal DM models and their extensions at 100 TeV pp collider.” The European Physical Journal C, 78(7), Jul 2018.