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Faculty: Associate Department Head, Professor

Alexey Belyanin


Alexey Belyanin has conducted theoretical research in high-energy astrophysics, quantum optics, and physics of semiconductors. His current research interests include nonlinear, ultrafast, and quantum optics of semiconductor nanostructures, two-dimensional materials, topological insulators and metals, and physics of the optoelectronic devices. For updated information, current research projects, and publications, see

Selected Publications

Qianfan Chen, Yongrui Wang, Sultan Almutairi, Maria Erukhimova, Mikhail Tokman, and Alexey Belyanin. “Dynamics and control of entangled electron-photon states in nanophotonic systems with time-variable parameters.” Phys. Rev. A, 103(1), 013708, Jan 2021.

Dmitry Kazakov, Nikola Opacak, Maximilian Beiser, Alexey Belyanin, Benedikt Schwarz, Marco Piccardo, and Federico Capasso. “Defect-engineered ring laser harmonic frequency combs.” Optica, 8, 1277, Aug 2021.

Mikhail Tokman, Maria Erukhimova, Yongrui Wang, Qianfan Chen, and Alexey Belyanin. “Generation and dynamics of entangled fermion--photon--phonon states in nanocavities.” Nanophotonics, 10(1), 491--511, Sep 2020.

Marco Piccardo, Benedikt Schwarz, Dmitry Kazakov, Maximilian Beiser, Nikola Opačak, Yongrui Wang, Shantanu Jha, Johannes Hillbrand, Michele Tamagnone, Wei Ting Chen, Alexander Y. Zhu, Lorenzo L. Columbo, Alexey Belyanin, and Federico Capasso. “Frequency combs induced by phase turbulence.” Nature, 582(7812), 360--364, Jun 2020.

Molly A. May, Tao Jiang, Chenfeng Du, Kyoung-Duck Park, Xiaodong Xu, Alexey Belyanin, and Markus B. Raschke. “Nanocavity Clock Spectroscopy: Resolving Competing Exciton Dynamics in WSe2/MoSe2 Heterobilayers.” Nano Letters, 21(1), 522--528, Dec 2020.

Maria Erukhimova, Yongrui Wang, Mikhail Tokman, and Alexey Belyanin. “Relaxation operator for quasiparticles in a solid.” Phys. Rev. B, 102(23), 235103, Dec 2020.

Marco Piccardo, Paul Chevalier, Benedikt Schwarz, Dmitry Kazakov, Yongrui Wang, Alexey Belyanin, and Federico Capasso. “Frequency-Modulated Combs Obey a Variational Principle.” Phys. Rev. Lett., 122(25), 253901, Jun 2019.

Qianfan Chen, A. Ryan Kutayiah, Ivan Oladyshkin, Mikhail Tokman, and Alexey Belyanin. “Optical properties and electromagnetic modes of Weyl semimetals.” Phys. Rev. B, 99(7), 075137, Feb 2019.

Tao Jiang, Vasily Kravtsov, Mikhail Tokman, Alexey Belyanin, and Markus B. Raschke. “Ultrafast coherent nonlinear nanooptics and nanoimaging of graphene.” Nature Nanotechnology, 14(9), 838--843, Aug 2019.

Dmitry Kazakov, Marco Piccardo, Yongrui Wang, Paul Chevalier, Tobias S. Mansuripur, Feng Xie, Chung en Zah, Kevin Lascola, Alexey Belyanin, and Federico Capasso. “Self-starting harmonic frequency comb generation in a quantum cascade laser.” Nature Photonics, 11(12), 789--792, Oct 2017.

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