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Latest Publications

Reagan Thornberry, Maxwell Throm, Gabriel Frohaug, John Killough, Dylan Blend, Michael Erickson, Brian Sun, Brett Bays, and Roland E. Allen. “Experimental signatures of a new dark matter WIMP.” EPL (Europhysics Letters), 134(4), 49001, May 2021.

Caden LaFontaine, Bailey Tallman, Spencer Ellis, Trevor Croteau, Brandon Torres, Sabrina Hernandez, Diego Cristancho Guerrero, Jessica Jaksik, Drue Lubanski, and Roland Allen. “A Dark Matter WIMP That Can Be Detected and Definitively Identified with Currently Planned Experiments.” Universe, 7(8), 270, Jul 2021.

Reagan Thornberry, Gabriel Frohaug, Caden LaFontaine, Bailey Tallman, Alex Behne, Steven Sellers, Matthew Sadler, and Roland E. Allen. “Present and potential future experimental evidence supporting a multicomponent dark matter scenario.” The European Physical Journal Special Topics, 230(4), 1121--1130, Apr 2021.

Suzy Lidström and Roland E. Allen. “Toward a physics description of consciousness.” The European Physical Journal Special Topics, 230, 1081–1087, Apr 2021.

Gerianne Alexander, Roland E Allen, Anthony Atala, Warwick P Bowen, Alan A Coley, John B Goodenough, Mikhail I Katsnelson, Eugene V Koonin, Mario Krenn, Lars S Madsen, Martin Månsson, Nicolas P Mauranyapin, Art I Melvin, Ernst Rasel, Linda E Reichl, Roman Yampolskiy, Philip B Yasskin, Anton Zeilinger, and Suzy Lidström. “The sounds of science -- a symphony for many instruments and voices.” Physica Scripta, 95(6), 062501, May 2020.

Awards & Recognition

  • Honors Program Teacher/Scholar Award (2005)
  • University Teaching Award (2004)
  • College Teaching Award (2003)

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