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Alexey Belyanin

Faculty: Associate Department Head, Professor


Alexey Belyanin has conducted theoretical research in high-energy astrophysics, quantum optics, and physics of semiconductors. His current research interests include nonlinear, ultrafast, and quantum optics of semiconductor nanostructures, multiferroic materials, two-dimensional materials, and topological insulators and metals. For updated information, current research projects, and publications, see

Latest Publications

Jiang Jiang, Leon Shterengas, Takashi Hosoda, Alexei Belyanin, Gela Kipshidze, and Gregory Belenky. “GaSb-based diode lasers with asymmetric coupled quantum wells.” Applied Physics Letters, 113(7), 071106, Aug 2018.

Marco Piccardo, Dmitry Kazakov, Noah A. Rubin, Paul Chevalier, Yongrui Wang, Feng Xie, Kevin Lascola, Alexey Belyanin, and Federico Capasso. “Time-dependent population inversion gratings in laser frequency combs.” Optica, 5(4), 475, Apr 2018.

Tao Feng, Leon Shterengas, Takashi Hosoda, Alexey Belyanin, and Gela Kipshidze. “Passive Mode-Locking of 3.25 μm GaSb-Based Cascade Diode Lasers.” ACS Photonics, 5(12), 4978--4985, Nov 2018.

A. Ryan Kutayiah, Mikhail Tokman, Yongrui Wang, and Alexey Belyanin. “Difference frequency generation of surface plasmon-polaritons in Landau quantized graphene.” Phys. Rev. B, 98(11), 115410, Sep 2018.

Marco Piccardo, Paul Chevalier, Sajant Anand, Yongrui Wang, Dmitry Kazakov, Enrique A. Mejia, Feng Xie, Kevin Lascola, Alexey Belyanin, and Federico Capasso. “Widely tunable harmonic frequency comb in a quantum cascade laser.” Applied Physics Letters, 113(3), 031104, Jul 2018.

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