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General Information

  • Welcome

    Our department is renowned for the breadth and quality of its research. Our faculty include two Nobel Prize winners, three National Academy of Science members and twelve Distinguished Professors. Graduate degree options in our department include Physics, Applied Physics, and Astronomy degrees, addressing a wide range of interests and career options. Graduate students participate in cutting edge research in the area of their choice. Many go on to careers as professors, research staff at national laboratories, or as teachers in higher education. Others go on to apply the skills they learned in graduate school to high paying jobs outside academia.

    Nearly 100% of our graduate students are fully supported by teaching or research assistantships throughout their graduate career. Texas A&M also offers a number of merit-based fellowships, as well as a diversity fellowship for domestic students from underrepresented groups.

    In addition to regular admissions, the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Texas A&M University offers The Fast-Track to Research Program, which provides students who already have a Master’s Degree the opportunity to more quickly get to advanced courses and research for their Ph.D.

    For further information on the graduate education opportunities, programs and the application process, please use the links on the left.

  • Research Areas

    As a graduate student in our department, you will per- form world class research in one of a variety of sub- diciplines. Department research areas include:

    • Astronomy & astrophysics
    • Dark matter & dark energy
    • Atomic physics
    • Quantum optics
    • Quantum computing
    • Nano materials
    • LHC/particle physics
    • Cosmology
    • String theory
    • Exotic nuclei
    • Neutron stars
    • Quark-gluon plasma

    …and many more! For a complete overview of the exciting research opportunities at Texas A&M, please visit https://tamuphysastr.wpengine.com/research/

    Texas A&M is also home to three internationally renowned research institutes: