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The Texas A&M Physics Show

As a part of our outreach program, the Department of Physics and Astronomy offers the Physics Show for schools in the Brazos Valley. Our faculty and students are happy to share the excitement of physics experiments with children of all ages, from elementary to high school. The Physics Show is an entertaining and educational presentation which includes a flexible set of demonstrations and hands-on activities which can be adjusted to any level of audience. The show is accompanied by a power point presentation explaining relevant physics concepts.

Activities include experiments demonstrating phase transitions and states of matter using liquid nitrogen - e.g. condensation of oxygen, formation of nitrogen ice due to evaporative cooling in evacuated bell jar, deep cooling of various substances (rubber, balloons, racquetballs, flowers), Leidenfrost effect, etc.

Another set of demonstrations is related to phase transitions due to the change in magnetic properties of matter - e.g. superconductivity and magnetic levitation utilizing the Meissner effect. We also show a van de Graaff generator and numerous optical phenomena. The audience is invited to directly participate in many of these activities.

To schedule the Physics Show, please contact our program coordinator:
Dr. Tatiana Erukhimova