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DEEP Program

Discover, Explore and Enjoy Physics and Engineering

Tier One grant funded by Texas A&M University

Who participates:

Graduate and undergraduate students from Physics & Astronomy and Engineering Departments

What we do:

  1. Students work side-by-side with their peers and professors on research, concept, design, and fabrication of science demonstration experiments.
  2. We present these exhibits during the Festival, Shows, and other outreach program in teams of several students and faculty members.
  3. These demonstrations are used to enhance the undergraduate curriculum.

Deep Showcase 2018

This year’s Deep Showcase, will take place on Wednesday, May 2 in the Mitchell Physics Building

Pictures for the 2018 Spring Showcase can be seen here!

Additional pictures taken by the College of Science can be viewed here!

DEEP Photo Albums


DEEP Evaluation Report

Home    /    Outreach    /    DEEP Program