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Catalog 137 B.A.

Bachelor of Arts Degree

Freshman Year

First Semester (Th-Pr) Cr Second Semester (Th-Pr) Cr
ENGL 104 Comp. and Rhetoric(3-0)3CHEM 107 Gen. Chem. for Engr. Students1(3-0)3
HIST 105 History of the U.S.2(3-0)3CHEM 117 Gen. Chem. for Engr. Lab1(0-1)1
MATH 171 Analytic Geom. and Calculus11(4-0)4HIST 106 History of the U.S.2(3-0)3
PHYS 101 Freshman Physics Orientation1(1-0)1MATH 172 Calculus1(4-0)4
PHYS 218 Mechanics1(3-3)4PHYS 208 Electricity and Optics1(3-3)4
PHYS 102 Topics in Cont. Physics1(1-0)1
Total: 15 Total: 16

Sophomore Year

First Semester (Th-Pr) Cr Second Semester (Th-Pr) Cr
MATH 221 Several Variable Calculus1(4-0)4PHYS 331 Theoretical Methods I1(3-0)3
MATH 308 Differential Equations1(3-0)3PHYS 225 Electronic Circuits(3-3)4
PHYS 221 Optics and Thermal Physics1(3-0)3PHYS 309 Modern Physics1(3-0)3
POLS 206 American Nat’l. Govt.(3-0)3Elective36
Total: 13 Total: 16

Junior Year

First Semester (Th-Pr) Cr Second Semester (Th-Pr) Cr
PHYS 332 Theoretical Methods II(3-0)3PHYS 327 Experimental Physics(2-3)3
PHYS 302 Adv. Mechanics I(3-0)3PHYS 412 Quantum Mechanics I(3-0)3
PHYS 304 Adv. Elect. and Magn. I(3-0)3Communication elective43
POLS 207 State and Local Govt.(3-0)3Social and Behavioral Sciences elective23
Language, Philosophy and Culture Elective23Electives33
Total: 15 Total: 15

Senior Year

First Semester (Th-Pr) Cr Second Semester (Th-Pr) Cr
PHYS 444 Art of Scientific Comm. I6(2-0)2PHYS 401 Computational Physics5(3-0)3
PHYS 445 Art of Scientific Comm. II6(1-0)1Visual and Performing Arts elective23
Total: 15 Total: 15


  1. A physics major must complete the foundation courses (PHYS 101, 102, 218, 208, 221, 309, 331, CHEM 107/117, MATH 171, 172, 221, 308) with a grade of ‘C’ or better and have a 2.0 cumulative GPR before taking non-foundation upper-level physics courses.
  2. Any course in this category from the approved University Core Curriculum list of courses.
  3. A minor field must be selected in conference with the student’s advisor. In addition, 6 hours of courses must be in the area of international and cultural diversity. These may be in addition to other University Core Curriculum courses, or if a course in this category satisfies another area of the Core, it can be used to meet both requirements.
  4. Any approved Communication course with an ENGL prefix.
  5. To register for PHYS 401 a student must be able to program in a high level language, such as FORTRAN, Java or C. This prerequisite can be satisfied by taking CSCE 206 or the equivalent.
  6. Approved W course designation.

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