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05-04-2012 news PEAK PERFORMERS: Physics Honors 2012 Mechanics Scholars
04-05-2012 news Scully Recognized with Optical Society's Highest Award
03-06-2012 news HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT: A&M Astronomers Help Find Distant Galaxy Cluster to Shed Light on Early Universe
03-05-2012 news Physicist Helmut Katzgraber Earns NSF CAREER Award
02-23-2012 news Texas A&M Physicist Earns Prestigious Humboldt Research Award
02-13-2012 news LET THERE BE LIGHT: Scientists Observe Superfluorescence in Semiconductors
01-25-2012 news Cynthia Trendafilova receives the Thomas S. Gathright Academic Excellence Award
12-19-2011 news Professor George Welch named Head of the Department of Physics and Astronomy
12-13-2011 news Professor Alexei Sokolov receives JoAnn Treat Research Excellence Award
12-02-2011 news Professor Emeritus Richard Arnowitt's work featured in the October 2011 cover story of Physics Today
11-30-2011 news Jennifer Marshall received the Ethel Ashworth-Tsutsui Memorial Award for Mentoring
11-21-2011 news TAMU astronomers build essential instruments to study dark energy at HETDEX
11-21-2011 news Mitchell Institute hosts NEWSPIN2 Conference December 12-17
11-02-2011 news TAMU Astronomers host Aggie Star Parties Nov. 3, 4, and 17; Dec. 7
10-21-2011 news Undergraduate physics major Corey Perkins nominated for Marshall and Rhodes Scholarships
10-12-2011 news LASERS OF LOVE: Born Problem-Solver Leads World-Class Research in Quantum Physics
10-05-2011 news Texas A&M Astronomer Plays Star Role in Nobel Prize-Winning Discovery
09-09-2011 news Brilliant Supernova Erupts in M101 Galaxy
09-07-2011 news Prof. Dudley Herschbach named Distinguished Professor
09-01-2011 news Prof. Rupak Mahapatra's detector technology selected as the basis for a proposed $100 million international dark matter project at the India-based Neutrino Observatory
08-23-2011 news The Astronomy research group presented its third annual Astronomy Symposium on Friday, August 26
08-12-2011 news Carnegie Fellow Dr. Jennifer Marshall's supernova research featured in Science
08-09-2011 news Prof. George Kattawar's receipt of the Texas Distinguished Scientist Award featured in The Eagle
07-22-2011 news Graduate Student Will Flanagan highlighted in Fermilab Today for his strong contribution to analyses in the mono-jet final state through development and validation of Physics Objects
07-15-2011 news Texas A&M High-Energy Physicists Celebrate Novel Result From Fermilab
06-07-2011 news "Apparatus and method for direct measurement of absorption and scattering coefficients in situ" patent granted to Ed Fry and George Kattawar
05-31-2011 news Texas A&M's Macri Part of 3-D Mapping Masterpiece
05-27-2011 news Overcoming Quantum Error: International Research Team Pushes Frontiers of Quantum Computing Simulation
05-26-2011 news Melconian Honored with Department of Energy Research Award
05-25-2011 news OPPORTUNITY IN ACTION: Cynthia Woods Mitchell Honored with Memorial Scholarship in Physics
05-10-2011 news George Mitchell, Mitchell Foundation Commit $25 Million to Giant Magellan Telescope
05-24-2011 news Scully Honored with Optical Society's Herbert Walther Award
05-05-2011 news Physics Honors 2011 Mechanics Scholars
05-04-2011 news Toback Receives 2011 Honors Teacher-Scholar Award
04-28-2011 news $2 Billion Particle Physics Experiment Aboard Endeavour Has Texas A&M Ties
04-28-2011 news Zubairy Earns Bush Excellence Award for International Research
04-13-2011 news Teruki Kamon selected as SFB fellow to work on SUSY at the LHC and DESY at the University of Hamburg in 2011-12
04-11-2011 news George Kattawar's article "Shedding new light on light in the ocean" featured in Physics Today
04-06-2011 news Congratulations to graduate students Indara Suarez, Yaniel Cabrera, and Alison Pawlicki, who have been awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowships
04-05-2011 news Distinguished Professor Dr. John Hardy selected as one of nation's Top 10 "Tough Love Professors" by
04-01-2011 news Igor Roshchin selected for Core Curriculum Project Three award
03-29-2011 news Graduate student Meng Gao wins 1st place in two categories at the Graduate Student Week competition
03-28-2011 news Ron Bryan, Dave Church, and Chia-Ren Hu given emeritus status by the Board of Regents
03-28-2011 news Jairo Sinova selected for AFS Distinguished Research Award
03-28-2011 news Chris Pope selected for AFS Distinguished Teaching Award
03-23-2011 news World-Famous Physicist Stephen Hawking to Deliver Public Lecture
03-04-2011 news Physics & Engineering Festival Features Hands-On Fun, Astronauts
02-17-2011 news Graduate student Karie Badgley selected as recipient of the Susan M. Arseven '75 Make-A-Difference Memorial Award for 2011
02-10-2011 news Siu Chin chosen as an Outstanding Referee of the Physical Review and Physical Review Letters journals by the journal editors
01-24-2011 news George Kattawar named Distinguished Texas Scientist Award for 2011 by the Texas Academy of Science
01-13-2011 news Dark Energy Survey Poised to Probe Cosmic Speed-Up